Monthly Water Quality Tips 



Every month, we have a new focus for Allen County residents to help promote water quality in our area and downstream. These monthly tips provide residences with one task each month to focus on to help them fight stormwater pollution and improve the health of our waterways. This program started in March 2019!




Make your 2020 New Years Resolution to "Scoop the Poop" all year round. This promise will safe guard the health of your pet, your neighbors, and water quality! Check our January's poster and Water Matter's article


Show those storm drains some love this February. Learn more about how some time, love, and action can make a big difference in our waterways by checking out our poster and Water Matters article.  


Check out "Spring into Better Lawn Care" poster and Water Matters article!


Read about "April Showers Bring May Flowers" with ACPWQ poster and Water Matters article!


Learn more about "Mother May I Plant Native Flowers" with ACPWQ poster and Water Matters article!


Check out "Grasscycling: Not Another Dad Joke" poster and Water Matters article to find out ways that you can improve water quality!


Want to find out ways to reduce water waste? Don't miss our "Independence from Wasting Water" poster and Water Matters Article


Did you know that an easy way to improve water quality is by going to the car wash or washing your car in the grass? Learn more by checking out "Going to the Car Wash" poster and Water Matters Article!


Even though summer is coming to an end, water quality is still important! Learn a quick way to help improve water quality by draining your pool correctly in our poster and Water Matters Article!


Let's let leaves be the only thing that falls this Fall! This is not a trick, check out our poster and Water Matters Article for a real treat!


Be thankful for the Household Hazardous Waste Facility! Find out more information about HHW by checking out our poster, reading our Water Matters Article, or visiting the website of Allen County Department of Environmental Management


Though local waterways may not be a top priority during this Holiday Season, make sure to remember to keep that salt light. Learn more by reading our Water Matters Article and checking out our poster!